A team of 70 pig catchers from Chennai has been appointed by GVMC officials to catch the stray pigs in GVMC limits. After catching the pigs the team will release the pigs far away from the city limits.

GVMC Chief Veterianary officer,Dr. Kishore has said that, ‘The crew is led by a woman who arrived in Vizag on Wednesday and plans to stay for a week to complete the task given by officials.

“We are not against pig farming but the animals are not allowed to roam in public places. We have the right to shoot but we took the help of Chennai team that catches and releases the pigs away from the city limits,” said Dr. KSLG Sastry,GVMC Chief Medical Officer.

GVMC will provide accomodation and protection to the team as they are getting threats from the pigs owners,said GVMC official.


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