Dr. Abdul Khan, a senior orthopedic surgeon in a private hospital in the city, operated a rare and difficult orthopedic surgery on a 33-year old male patient who was recovered and discharged within six hours after the surgery.

The patient had been suffering occasional pain and swelling in the midfoot for the past eight years, according to the hospital. The talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints have substantial degenerative arthritis, according to the MRI image.

Doctor Khan used the dorsomedial and dorsolateral midtarsal portals for talonavicular arthroscopy and the lateral and dorsolateral portals for calcaneocuboid arthroscopy. He operated synovectomy and debridement on both joints,and took tissue samples for microbiological and pathological testing.

In Andhra Pradesh , this type of operation for foot is done for the first time.


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